IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task card # 168

Describe a book that you enjoyed reading because you had to lớn think a lot.

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You should say:

what this book waswhy you decided lớn read itwhat reading this book made you think about

and explain why you enjoyed reading this book.

Model Answer 1:

I don’t really get much time or opportunities to read many books these days, probably because I am just too busy earning my livelihood. But, I guess, I just got little lucky last summer when I got some time off from my job. And that’s when I managed khổng lồ read a good book which actually made me think a lot.

The book, I am talking about, is called “The Story of My Life” which is written by Helen Keller. Published in 1903, this book gives a very inspirational tài khoản of the world of a blind và deaf girl, whose speech development also ceased soon after, as she grows up. The main characters in this book are the writer herself (Helen Keller) and Anne Sullivan (a teacher who taught Helen Keller). This is such a book that it would be really difficult for a reader to lớn withdraw from it unless he/she finishes it in just one sitting. & at the over of reading it, one sure would be able khổng lồ put a smile on his/her face & restore spirit at a time when so much negativity envelopes us.

By the way, I didn’t really know much about Helen Keller except that she was some kind of English “writer”. But, when I incidentally read an article about some of the most “inspirational women figures” of the 20th century, last summer, I came to lớn know about her in great more detail, & it was at that time that I decided to read this all-time, American classic, written by this prolific American author.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this book, from start to finish, primarily because it had me think a lot. In fact, I was losing my mind just khổng lồ even imagine how possibly a woman with such “debilitating disabilities” could actually finish her graduation at a time and age when a very few women would attend a college, & when the disabled would simply be relegated lớn the background and neglected lượt thích some kind of “untouchable creature”?

Model Answer 2:

Over the last few years, I was lucky to lớn have read a few books that were, more or less, interesting & thought-provoking. But, none of them really matched the appeal of the book that was written by Stephen Hawking. So, I guess, it is only fair that I talk about that book here.

The name of this is “A Brief History of Time”, và I read this book about a year ago when I was enjoying my summer holidays at my elder sister’s place. Well, I should have rather said that I only “started” lớn read this book during that summer holidays, và I continued reading it for the next few days before I could finish it, apparently because it had lots of pages lớn cover. In fact, if I remember correctly, this book had more than 250 pages.

Now, the kích thước of this book would have been enough of a reason to lớn avoid reading it, but I still chose to lớn read it because I wanted lớn prove to lớn myself that I was intellectually sound enough to understand & appreciate some of the complex theories of science & their interpretations in relation to lớn the events of our world as well as the universe. I chose to read it also because up & until that point, I never read a book that was written by such a world-famous scientist like Stephen hawking. But, for whatever reasons that I chose lớn read this book, it made me think that God và science can actually co-exist. Besides, it also made me think that how insignificant we really are in this universe.

So, in the end, it is fair lớn say that I really enjoyed reading this book, mainly because many of the things, which I learned at school a long time ago, were proved out khổng lồ be either outdated or wrong. But, what was even more interesting about reading this book was that I just didn’t know whether to lớn feel dumber or smarter after finishing reading it, because there were just so many new things in it to understand!

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Describe an exciting book that you enjoy reading two states IELTS CUE CARDS

February 28, 2022
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Books are an ocean of knowledge and one who has a habit of reading can reach the pinnacle of success. There are academic books, fiction, historical, autobiography & Story books for children. Everybody has different tastes in reading, apart from books, newspapers and magazines are also popular in reading. Magazines also cover a wide range of subjects to lớn read.

Main Answer.

Here I am going to lớn talk about a book I read in two states and it"s a thắm thiết fiction book.

- When you read it.

I read this book recently when I was traveling for a business meeting on the train. I had enough time so I started the book when the journey began và while returning I completed it. I was so engrossed in reading this book.

- What kind of book it is.

This Book is about the writer"s love story written in a fictional style. So it"s real cum fictional. The reality cảm biến Makes the book interesting and the protagonist is the writer himself so he has written it very well.

- What is it about?

The story is so interesting. It"s how a writer meets a beautiful girl in college in his academic days. Their love affair is so juicy and the ups and downs they face. They belong lớn two different demographics so the culture is different. Their parents bởi vì not agree in the beginning but in the kết thúc everything falls back into place so it"s a very interesting story to read.

- And explain why you think it is exciting.

It is interesting just because the writer Chetan Bhagat who is an Indian writer & he understands the mindset of the country. He himself is the main character so he has poured his heart into the book. The language used in this book is easy khổng lồ understand and every page we turn it becomes more interesting.

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Do you prefer books or movies?

Today I prefer lớn watch a movie as I don"t have that much time to lớn read. Và a movie is interesting just because of its audio and visual way of storytelling. The professional actors make the story look real. All these things we have to imagine in a book which is tough sometimes.

Do you think it is important lớn read the book before watching the movie version of it?

No, if you read the book & then go for a movie you will not like the movie. As in the book everything is written so minutely that a movie can not cover. Movie is superficial & the book covers minute details of a story. So it"s not important to read the book first, you can watch the movie and get the thrust of the story.

Do boys and girls like the same kinds of books?

Yes absolutely there is nothing like gender differences everyone likes everything so both the genders enjoy the same things.

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What kind of books bởi Indian people like to read?

Indian people are so religious và spt so they like religious, spiritual, fiction and historical books. They are more connected culturally so they read this kind of book. Books related lớn god"s, and their lives are so popular in India. Autobiography of popular leaders is also well read in Indian masses.